A whole game, just in the base

Im sure of you guys have been playing for a long time, so that this probobly wont seem like the big deal that it did for me. Yesterday I had boarded up the Evac Shelter, finally got into the very small town nearby, killed some zombies and got alot of nice loot. I was able to craft alot of cool stuff like a crowbar, hammer, hobo stove, and even a funnel to fill bottles with rain water. Because its Spring time and it NEVER seems to stop raining!
So today I got brave with my new homewrecker bat, I decided to travel to the next town to the north. After some uneventful travel through the woods, I hit a road with some cars and a bus in various states of decay. I entered one and closed the door, to get out of the rain and warm up a bit. The fact that I can even think to do that, and the game accommodates me still blows me away.
While in the car, I figured out it has all kinds of parts, and it all started coming together, all the stuff I could cannibalize from these things for crafting. I saw a big house down the street, so I dashed over to it and was able to open a window to get in. As Im looting the house for some real good stuff, I hear a window smash. Oh crap! Finishing up, I run down some stairs into a basement.
In the basement was more stuff, plus some bookcases and refrigerators. Not know what smashed the window, how many there were, or if they/it even saw me. Only way out was back up. In a panic I some how figured out I could move those refrigerators and bookcases and was able to barricade the doors that led upstairs. I still cant believe the game allows these actions.
So Im barricaded in a pitch black basement, hungry, thirsty, with the only way out guarded by monsters. Monsters that got the 'itis, and I got the cure for what ails them apparently. I gotta get back to base, cause Ive never had this much awesome loot before. I go upstairs and sneak out a window, but as I do a zombie attacks me and bites my arm. A deep bite. I kill the zombie and hoof it back to town.
Back at base, I organize my loot, put a bandage on my arm, and hit the hay cause my guy is tired. I wake up to really bad pain in my arm. Turns out my arm is infected. Seriously? Good thing I found some antibiotics and some aspirin.
And so began several days of laying in my base trying to get better, yet steadily getting worse. It got so bad my guy even started puking from the pain, and was getting cold, Im assuming from the infection. He couldnt sleep. He couldnt eat or drink, from puking and became dehydrated. Couldnt even keep down his meds.
Then, from drinking rain water that I didnt realize I had to somehow purify, he got food poisoning. My guy came within inches of death. He FINALLY, in the end started getting better, slowly.
I spent a few game days, a couple real life hours, doing nothing, but hanging in my base trying to stave off certain death by microbe. Playing DR, monitoring pill/food/water intake, watching statuses. Moping up puke.
All because I went on a small 10 minute exploration of my surroundings, got bit ONE TIME, by ONE zombie. I see now, the magic of this game. It gives you the freedom to play however you want. These arent just numbers on a screen, they are stories being told. And to think, after everything, Ive only scratched the surface.