A tile pack for use in sets

I have a pack of unused tiles from a now defunct roguelike called Crimelike. Crimelike had a modern setting and should have a lot of relevant tiles. It’s time to give these a home. Most were made by Nenjin, kusgnos, rodlenjack,soadreqm and some by our very own Deon. I don’t know if Deon forgot about these or reused some, but they can probably be plopped into his existing tileset without any noticeable style problems.

They are easily cataloged in an excel spreadsheet below (don’t forget there are tabs at the bottom that need to be scrolled):

Downloadable in zip (or from sourceforge below):


List of other contributors and attribution found at:


I believe the entire project was created under CC-BY-SA 3.0. Some of the artists did not require SA, like those made by RodlenJack http://opengameart.org/content/crimelike-spritetile-set.

Hey, those look good! They could totally be reused. Pardon my ignorance, wich resolution they have?

Good, good. Thank you, Lap!
I’m working on a tileset of my own, a top-down 16x16; to the extent of implementing orientation (the ROTATION flag). Will yield it here when I’m close to 100%.

Hey, thanks for checking up the licensing. DDA’s CC-BY-SA, so it helps if folks are on the same page.