What to do with the Lab rework I was working on?

So I was doing a rather involved new map-gen for labs, based on the old conceprt found in this topic: New Labs & maptile stuff

It was wholly implemented through json files and produced very labyrinthine layouts with irregular shaped rooms. (It had the limit of needing lab over map to be square though)

They more or less looked like this:

However the whole thing was beaten by Brianlefers implementation. Which combines actual mapgen code, and is probably more versatile overall.

So now I want to ask if we want this stuff for anything?

These still do random tiling, but they’re nicer tiles than what the “old” labs used, is that right?

I don’t see any reason not to have “Type A” labs coexist with “Type B” labs, a mix of pure procedural and hand-crafted content makes for great variety IMO.

Yeah there are some 20 or so variants of tiles, made so that they create “random” rooms when they meet.

Guess I will use this for alternate-thematic labs then, I feared that the wildly different methods wouldnt mesh.

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Your work looks amazing and I sure as hell would love it in-game co-existing with the other labs as an alternate spawn!

So your rooms will still be random? If so, definitely add it in! More maps = awesome!