A suggestion for the current Counterattack system

The current counterattack systems enables shenanigans like blocking a zombie child with Aikido to allow you to continually stuand down-lock a much more dangerous enemy like a zombie hulk. I’m pretty sure this is not intended, so I have a suggestion to make it so you can only counter the creature that you dodged or blocked to begin with.

The old auto-counterattack is still working, and I think it could be reused for another purpose that will aid the current counterattack system. How about having it become an “attack” that marks its target instead?

Say you dodge, then the old auto-counterattack will do its thing and land a hit on the offender, which then marks it with a dodge-counter mark, or just label it “Dodged” like the way "Stunned’ is, and then have a new JSON entry like the stunned_target one for the counter technique.

A few more suggestions then if this is to be implemented is that the old counterattack system be an automatic hit and have no movecost, and that some-sort of sprite to make it obvious for the player who can be countered like just the basic crosshair thing on the marked enemy.

Sorry if this is already something that you devs may have in mind btw.