Petition to add "smash" counters


The attack is so annoying. Brutes continue to be a pain(literally) in the ass even when you’re fully loaded in heavy survivor padded with leather and kevlar. The only real reliable counter to it is the Uncanny Dodge CBM. I would rather like some other way to resist the effect, like blocking with a strong shield which reduces knockback, negates pain, damage, and negates being knocked down. And I find the recharge to be a little strong. It knocks you back 10 or something tiles, which you now have to close the distance, and the special attack recharges in 20 turns or something. So now you only have 10 turns to attack in melee before being knocked back again, this time you’re slower because of pain.

Of course, I’m not meleeing hulks or juggernauts, just brutes to try to conserve ammo. And it hurts.

Also, even with Judo, I still get thrown around. Is it supposed to be like this?


I think Judo is about avoiding loosing turns when smashed/knocked down? If you combined it with parkour (which reduces damage) and decent armour/dex you’ll barely take any damage, the real danger is if you let them put you through a wall or something.
Best way I’ve found to deal with it is to let them move up to my character (positioning so if they do smash me I’ll just land on the ground) and use a weapon with stun and/or knock back and try and prevent them getting an attack off. That or kite them with a reach attack and rollerskates.


There are tons of counters. Guns, Cars, Explosives, running away.

Yes, everything you describe is working as intended.


Of course, I’m not meleeing hulks or juggernauts, just brutes to try to conserve ammo. And it hurts.

Generally speaking, fighting something who’s specialization is “Beat the shit out of you at point blank”, at point blank range is going to go poorly for you. Just because its only the first tier of “Beat the shit out of you at point blank” monsters, doesn’t mean you can just up and ignore the threat they pose. Use a gun, focus your ammo conservation efforts on things that aren’t nearly as lethal in close quarters.


To avoid being knocked down after a flight from the SMASH, get a wings mutation.

And also, wings mutation reduces the damage from falling awkwardly after SMASH. Well, even with wings, there’s a bare chance that you’ll not land gracefully :stuck_out_tongue:


Sufficiently high melee skills will also allow you to reliably deal with brutes.


Nvm, its my own fault. I forgot that I put resilience at 150%, which is why I can’t kill them fast and always get smashed 3-6 times before killing them.

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Light armor torso armor (<20 enc) plus elbow and knee pads only boosts dodge to high enough levels to not have any problems with h2h brutes. or hulks. or juggernoughts. Even if you get thrown, high majority of times instead of going *splat* on the pavement you just land gracefully. no dmg no pain no stun no problem.


This is true. My main guy Rob Keys regularly melees hulks and juggernauts and rarely gets a scratch, thanks to wicked skills and fast weapons, and being built for speed.
One good thing to keep in mind if you have to melee a smash-attack zombie is to watch where you stand and what’s behind your back, so that if you take a smash hit, you’ll be thrown into a clear area, not up against a wall or a car. That’s where most of the damage from that attack comes from.

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My counter is usually traps and ranged weapons. Or being a medical mutant who finds being smashed through walls to be “mildly inconvenient.”


The Scorpion Kick lets you throw brute around.

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