A patcher

To have more available updates earlier. Also helps us fix bugs and find new bug from those fixes.

Yes i know theirs a manual way to update but, some people have difficulty to do that. ( like me)

scratches his head"
how is downloading then unzipping with winrar[size=8pt](or 7 zip I prefer 7 zip)[/size] Hard?

You need at least Computer skills 2 to unzip a winrar (or 7 zip)

One does not simply unzip a Winrar (or 7 zip)

Wait so new update version exists in the main download? I belived it only changed when they come out with a new release. Ill go test that out…

No, you still need to download and compile the latest source yourself for the very latest stuff.

If, by chance, you want the most up to date versons look here http://www.cataclysmdda.com/smf/index.php?topic=3.0 for instructions.

That’ll give you the github verson as features are added for testing.