Another question

sorry but i wanted to know if it would be better to update to the stable release or the Experimental Build (7.1 i think)

Neither. Download the source code and build it yourself with codeblocks. You’ll have an easier time with bugs and errors, as well as having the benefits of the truly latest build.

i don’t know how to do that D:

go here and download and install codeblocks with everything (make sure everything is installed!)

Then download this (it is the latest repo):

Finally, after you install codeblocks, unzip the repo into a folder and open up CataclysmWin. Once open, click build->build, wait for the build to complete, and in your repo folder should be a brand new cataclysm.exe.

You can also modify the code in the various .cpp and .h files and build it again if you want to give adding new features a whirl.

Edit: Good catch. I’m still used to just using the quick link.

That’s the wrong link (it’s still pointing at the old repository).

You want