Is there going to be an updater?

is there going to be and updater like other games like RimWorld and othre games?

Why do you need an updater when the installation process is as simple as unzipping contents into a directory?

You can even unzip the new release over the previous one most of the times.

yes tru but wat about somthing similer but onli with mods and tiles insted of going here and serch for them you can do it in the menu screen of the game and dowload the latest mods and tiles direcli and fast.

In order to have mods and tilesets in an updater, we’d need to add them to the main game, at which point we might as well distribute them the same way as the game…
I was hoping that people would PR their mods on github, but that hasn’t happened very much.

mmmmm hope this get better soon