A overpowered eyebot

so in one world i found a single eye bot that was near a construction site. it had ten kills mostly skeletons and fat zombies but was only lightly damaged. at the same time it have killed eyebots easily with no damage and weak weapons

Is eyebots even attacks anything? As i remember, they just take photos. The zombies could be killed by something else came to that way and moved on after the fight.

It sounds like you are using Jury-Rigged Robots mod which makes eybots able to attack. Even in the vanilla game it takes zombies quite a while to hurt an eyebot so it isn’t very surprising that one managed to defeat a small horde.

actually i have salvaged robots. jury-rigged robots for some reasons keeps failed and runing a world so i have delete a world with that mod. and I did salvaged robot becuase jury rigged robots did not work

Yeah, that mod makes eyebots go from mostly harmless zombie distracters to mighty zombie slayers. They are still to weak to actually bother the player but do a good job at killing lower tier zombies.