I'm baaaaaaaaaack (with more weird radio signals!(0.9))

Ok, so heres the deal. A close buddy of mine made a character and was playing when he found a radio. He then took it to a nearby radio station and turned it on… Th#s ## FE#A ca#p 81#0 #sk ### s#plies #ood ect, ect, ect. As far as i can tell, its FEMA camp 8150 asking for supplies and food (i determind this by listening for a while because it blanked out different parts of the message each time but the message was the same). BUT WAIT! THAT IS NOT ALL! He then hit “scan” again and it was a different message! An emergency station broadcasting for people to go to their nearest emergency station set on repeat! I have but two more things to say (sorry its so long guys) and here it is. He hit scan one more (ok more times than that) and hear a very,very scrachy broadcast, somthing about survivors.

Eh and thats it. NOPE, he then dies and respawns. NEAR A FEMA CAMP!! charging to the rescue he enters the visenity of the camp. Suddenly, sensensensensensensensensensensensensensensensensensensensensen is projected on the side screen (sen is his character’s name). He finds it abandoned (except for zombies) and dies fighting the zombies.

Any thoughts (besides my bad spelling i mean)?

Have hope.

Dawn only comes after the dark of night.

Dunno? what do you want me to say?

Maybe ideas on how to hunt down the whatever it is and shoot it with a Saiga 12?
Anything really im kinda freaked out.

Radio messages don’t do anything.

It probably said sen on the side of the screen because your friends character was schizophrenic

Actually, the scan thing can be done, you need a radio and to be near a radio tower.

Actually, the scan thing can be done, you need a radio and to be near a radio tower.[/quote]

Yeah, radio-stuff theoretically exists and FEMA camps broadcast too. (I’ve never tried it though.)

Name-repetition like that is indeed a Schizophrenia effect.

Ah ty! I didnt know that (i hate scitso so i dont use it)!

We need this to be a thing, an enemy that keeps repeating your name until you get freaked out and stop playing.
So meta it’ll be an inside joke.

see gtaguy? you can use your troll powers for good if you try.
this monster is totally going to be a thing.

Make it a nether crab beast, with chitin that tastes like tang.

Lets name it gabber. Or gabneir. Whatever.

No, name it:
Uncannily inconspicuous man.
‘Looks like a Gta-guy, and only slightly less creepy’