A few problem about eating and drinking

I know there’s new stystem about eating and drinking menu on the new verison, but thing is, it’s now work very well,

for now I have just one annoying problem, when you tried to eating or drinking something on you inventory by using the new eating and drinking stystem menu, and tried to drink a few water more that 1, and the rest water will be drop on your feet, and of course, wont be able to pick up anymore, same happen while I try eating/drinking on the vehicle storage and any that can carrying the liquid more that 1 stuffs.

this problem should be fix as soon as possible, that’s all.

Luckily you can now pickup spilled liquids with your mop using this mod:

Does this mean that it is now possible to pick up spilled soup?
Just imagine how a survivor accidentally drops a pot filled with soup on the dirt. And then eats it from the ground by squeezing precious moisture and pieces of meat from the mop into his mouth.


Wish the eating menu had sort options for spoil time, nutrition, and quench.

You can sort by spoilage in the advanced inventory by hitting s, but don’t think you can by quench and nutrition.

I haven’t thought about this, but it seems it is possible.

–This is sightly off topic, but I’ve made a lot of threads and I’d need a new one for this idea:
–When you are starving, you can simply eat a crap ton of stuff and you’ll be fine again, that’s highly unrealistic. In the real world, you’d need to deal with malnutrition, and eventually you will need to recover from said malnutrition my eating well and waiting. Depending on how long you are ‘starving’ will decide how nasty the malnutrition is, and it can go to a pretty nasty amount before you die. Especially since people can survive a fair amount of time without eating, your negative effects just grow during that period.
–Between game reasons and the fact that your character tends to do a lot of physical activity, the amount of food you must eat in general isn’t too bad, nor how often. So that’s fine in my opinion, however you should be able to survive longer than you can, but it’ll just be hard.
–I don’t know if the game actually simulates this or not, but people need to worry about liquid more the food overall, especially since we are largely made of water. As such, water needs should happen quicker than food needs, and also have negative effects if you do not drink for long enough.
–I’m not sure how hard this will be to program, but the idea itself is relatively simple. :grin:

Time ingame is… weird. Some crafting recipes have very odd crafting times and most construction recipes are far shorter than they should be, largely due to the fact that we only have 30 day seasons, thus 120 day years. So time can be represented ingame as either normal or 4 times faster than real life. Hence, you starve to death much quicker since each day you don’t eat is actually 4 days. I don’t know whether malnutrition is modelled correctly, but it is a game so it would probably be a bad idea to make it too crippling.

Water is already higher need than food and seems to have more nasty consequences, but the amount of water the character needs to drink to keep happy is a bit lower than it probably should be.

One thing that would be useful is if food/water intake was based on the amount of physical activity you do. Sit in bed and read books all day = less food/water needed. Spend the day fighting and running = more food/water needed. Of course, that reinforces the “raid a library then sit in your base for a week reading to get mad skills” tactic, but that needs other methods of balance.

There is a hidden health stat that, which I think is affected by how well you eat and how nutritious the stuff you eat is, but nutrition is not complete AFAIK, and have seen threads talking about how people would like it to be improved/balanced a bit more. I think that’s why the “simplified nutrition” mod is on by default. I believe as of now, you just have to pop a multivitamin and a calcium tablet to get everything back to normal, which is kind of unrealistic, but I disable the simplified nutrition mod and try and eat healthy(always take junk food intolerance too) as well as take vitamins and cal tablets every day when I wake up in game.

You do need more food and drink when doing hard work, well at least when clearing rubble, but not sure about other physical activities. Also I think your hunger decreases slower (%50) while sleeping.

I think the nutrition system is planned on being expanded at some point, but not 100% sure on that… there’s probably some better info out there than I can give you though, if you look hard enough.

The season length is 14 days by default.

Ahem. Yes. That. Indeed.

The numbers aren’t necessarily representative of reality, but nothing except plant growth rates are based on season lengths.
And on further thought those shouldn’t be either.

And here I was thinking there was a good reason behind it.

–Sadly, I’ve noticed that while this game is pretty feature rich lots of things still need to be fleshed out and/or changed up a bit.
–I actually already knew about the ‘health’ stat, and I’m glad that ‘health’ is there, since it makes it at least somewhat more realistic. I often use debug just to see me overall health since I like to be able to get a better idea of whether I should take multivitamins.
–Although I really wish the leaky bionic didn’t effect it so much, because in the end I had to take literally 10 multivitamins a day to not go below -200 health. Seriously, what is that thing pumping into me, and where does it even come from? I didn’t think we have invented the Tardis yet, that’s still a ways away, yet this thing just pumps junk into my system seemingly forever.

I feel we are lucky to have such an awesome game as it is, even if some things aren’t complete. I appreciate Kevin and all the other awesome contributors/Devs that do work hard, but I bet they wish they could do two things at once sometimes (don’t we all wish we had some superpowers sometimes :slight_smile:) . The game has improved since I started playing, and seems to get better and better as time goes on. I wish I knew enough about code to contribute and work on things myself, but I don’t(maybe in time I can learn).
Yeah I think you want to get that leaky bionic thing out of you as quick as possible, but is easier said then done obviously. Especially without hurting yourself even more somehow.
Sorry if I say something you already know, I do not mean for it to be condescending or anything like that, but figure maybe it could help someone else looking for the info as well, if you happen to already know. It’s hard to convey tone in a message on the internet haha.

Now for some real life stuff, about the Tardis… I listened to a radio show recently, where a gentleman was talking about creating an energy field bubble(or something) using an electromagnetic field (or something). They can slow down time inside the bubble, and have put digital and analog clocks inside for tests, as well as plants. They can observe the clocks passing at a slower time, and the plants growing slower. I think they can only slow down time, not sure about speeding it up, and definitely can not reverse time yet. Also, the Government is what, 50 years ahead of us in technology? So who knows what they are capable of.

Imagine if they could speed up time for growing plants, as that would help eliminate some of the worlds hunger problems! Or being able to go to school and learning for 4 years, but only have on year of time really pass by.

I guess it all could be a crock of poop, though, and them just pulling peoples legs. When they were talking about those tests, and that in the 1990s is when the first successful test, and subsequent tests, with that technology and that team was achieved.

I’ll believe it when I see it, and even if it was possible, I doubt it would be available for the general public.

I think we’d have to get a PhD’s in Physics and figure it out ourselves, before it was given to us by anyone, lol.

When I say the Tardis, I was mostly referencing the fact that it is bigger on the inside. I say that since it doesn’t make sense to me that the leaky bionic could leak indefinitely.
I’m not complaining about the progress or anything, and this game isn’t a payed project so they have other jobs. Thus I understand already why it takes so long at times.

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Don’t kill me, but I had to look up what the Tardis was, so I didn’t know that about it being bigger on the inside. :slight_smile:

There’s also a setting to auto-adjust construction times based on the days-per-season setting. (Or there was last time I played.)

–Nah it’s fine, especially if you aren’t British. I am not, and since it comes specifically to the UK unless you do crazy shenanigans to acquire to most of the time. However it’s really easy for you brain to hurt because of all the “Wibbly wobbly, timey wimey” stuff in it.
–I’m sorry to the Star Wars fans, but the Doctor is better than Yoda. Truly, Yoda best Doctor.

I think you mean, truly, best yoda, doctor is.