7x7 dense tiles

Current posted version: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/t0cabudbv41evl8/Palzh_ieNH?lst

Updated 11/25/13


Not even started enough to be a WIP, but a beginning. Design goal here is to keep the 100-move tiles in the background as much as possible and highlight things that need attention from the player.

If you look hard enough the grass/dirt is colored differently (and maybe it needs a little tweak to make it more obvious) but the distinction between the two is not that important because they are not functionally different in game play.

From playing this morning with re-skinning Deon so there are a few mis-labeled tiles. Like the '10’s aren’t tiles, but headers for that row so I don’t have to think when looking through the big image. Deon’s json still points to it somewhere, though.

42x37 viewport w/ 11x11 cootoocursessquare font, narrow; I can almost get the full reality bubble in the viewport but a few rows are cut off top and bottom on a full sunny view - stepping it down to 6x6 gets that space, but it does not feel efficient and when working w/ 7x7 pixels it feels right to have a center pixel rather than having to offset or go 4x4 for a small dot.

Closed interiors feel very claustrophobic because there is so much unseen. It is a good effect for labs and the shelter basement. We’ll see where it goes :slight_smile:

It would be great at one point to combine this with some of the other tilesets and allow you to press a button to “zoom out” if you will and go to this.

Oh wow that’s a neat effect… Kind of reminds me of Gravitron.

Also yes, we have dynamically swappable tiles now, so we could adopt this for a zoom mode…

Looks amazing to me :open_mouth: Gogogogo!!! :slight_smile:

That actually looks great! Nice work beginning! :smiley:

Can you see the sharp window? Can you tell where the bushes and specifically the blueberry bushes are?

I like the white corners as information. Not pretty, but comfortably playable I think which is why ascii works.

[quote=“GlyphGryph, post:2, topic:4105”]press a button to “zoom out”[/quote]Hadn’t even thought of that :slight_smile: our current tilesets do not scale that badly; how much more difficult would it be to just scale the tiles like dwarf fortress does as you zoom in and out? Things are okay blurry on zoom-out then because it doesn’t matter when you return to regular resolution.

[quote=“Mattamue, post:6, topic:4105”]
Can you see the sharp window? Can you tell where the bushes and specifically the blueberry bushes are?[/quote]
Yeh, the sharp windows are pretty easy to see (on my part at least :P) .

Don’t fully understand the second question. I guess the bushes are the light green squares, while the blueberries are the cyan squares? Try making the bushes contrast between each other just a leeeeeeeeetle bit more.

ooh, and I just remembered, we have mouse over support now, so you can mouse around and see what all the terrain bits are.

Heck even in tiles I used view items to see items in stacks.

Relying mostly on the mouse-over to tell you what tiles are:

if you want to give it a try, missing a lot, but somewhat playable: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/t0cabudbv41evl8/Palzh_ieNH?lst