0.B Stable - Inventory Repeatedly Auto-Assigning 'Null' Hotkey

Honestly this is my first post on the forums, I actually made the account to report this… at 2:00 in the morning. The title is fairly self-explanatory but I’ll attempt to elaborate, complete with screenshot. I’ve only been playing for a month or two after being introduced to it by Aavak, so it’s possible I’ve missed something obvious to experienced players.

So as you can see (hopefully), I’m currently trapped in the hellish embrace of a down-filled blanket. Ordinarily this would be an ideal situation given it’s winter, but I’m in the middle of a still rather populated mall and I don’t think rolling into battle like a large fluffy maggot will really inspire fear in the minds of my enemies… those that still have enough of a mind anyway.

Sooo… to the point, around a hour ago an irritating development appeared as I carved my bloody path through the shopping centre. An invisible key was assigned to an item I picked up, I shrugged and decided it didn’t matter. I dropped the item using the advanced inventory screen and thought that was that… twas not to be!

As I started developing frostbite I sought out a blanket and since I was already overburdened with loot I accepted to pick it up and equip it all at once. Unfortunately I’d forgotten that since I dropped that accursed first item not long ago, every item I picked up after had the ‘non-existent’ hotkey and now so to did the blanket… with all the other items I could drop them only using the Advanced Inventory Screen, then comes the interesting fact that clothes you’re wearing or weapons equipped don’t count as part of your inventory in Advanced Inventory Management… and so can’t be removed.

Nor, using all the hotkey knowledge I’d managed to learn up to this point, was I able to find even the slightest way of interacting with it except to repeatedly throw myself at zombies until they tore it to pieces along with my pride; such as it is when outwitted by a buggy blanket anyway. Now for a while I still had the issue with picked up items, but at least I was free of the blanket… then came the night.

Nights in winter -even virtual nights- can get rather cold and faced with dying as an icicle or tangling with a blanket again I risked it and the situation I’d thought over plagued me again. In the end I don’t regret it, to be honest it would’ve reached a point I came to the forums eventually anyway. I don’t want to have to be afraid of blankets, raincoats and any other equippable item for the rest of my playthrough.

So the summary is this: my inventory acquired an auto-assigned hotkey that either doesn’t exist on an English keyboard or turned out to be a mere blank spot (in every format and variation of the inventory screen, I checked). Even if I finagle my way out of this situation again by tearing it to pieces; which frankly the blanket doesn’t really deserve as it’s as much a victim in this situation as I am, I’d still have the issue as we’ve discovered that this non-existent hotkey is rather eager and as soon as being vanquished takes the first place in the queue of auto-assignments for all new loot.

If this is a known pre-existing bug, a new bug I happen to have discovered, or simply the consequences of sleep deprivation on my addled mind causing me to miss the obvious answer, I’d appreciate any help on the matter as I feel my hopes of clearing the local mall before Winter’s End might not go as hoped if I can’t even escape the confines of my blanket. It’s day now and it’s getting rather sweaty in here to be honest.

Perhaps it is entirely likely that this is some amusing form of advanced insect mutation I acquired roving through an irradiated area and I’ll soon develop Butterfly Wings (hence the cocoon) without the need to waste mutagen. However I feel that might be simple wishful thinking at this point or the insanity developing after having repeatedly pressed every key on my Keyboard over the past hour without success; unless one counts the Sticky Keys prompt as success? I didn’t think so, but honestly it broke the monotony for a moment and so for that purpose at least it is useful, congratulations Microsoft.

If you’ve waded through the rambling and gotten to the point, I applaud you even if you don’t know how to help me with my issue.

Charles Pennyshine,
The Main Street Bank,
Hope Town,
Pig-in-Blanket (the county was only recently named yes)

The upload folder is full sadly, so no screenshot for the moment. It’s only 81kb but still too much apparently or I chose a bad time for the server. I’ll get it up ASAP, but hopefully (doubtfully) I’ve explained enough for you to understand what I’m seeing without a visual.

You’ve ran out of (74) hotkeys with your loot. The normal inventory menus (i, d, D, (, et cetera) are perfectly navigable with keyboard arrows.

Yeah, you’re required to upload your image to the cloud and link it here, I’m afraid. Hoping your problem was handled thanks to the keyboard-navigation; you might be able to use the keyboard to select the items for = manual reassignment as well.

If not, let us know. Thanks for reporting, in any event.

Thanks this gave me the clue to figuring it out, I had tried that before realising that when I first started for various reasons I shifted the movement keys from being bound to traditional arrow keys and since I use numlocked right-hand keypad for my character movement (which wasn’t working) I thought the directional wasn’t working for me.

Much obliged, Aspen