600% reading time, Help please

Why is my reading time set to 600%!
I have a bunch of mods like magiclysm, C.R.I.T., and various item addition and re-balance mods. But I don’t remember any of them doing this.

You are using the latest experimental correct? That has not happen to me :confused: have a ton of mods enabled maybe something is conflicting?

Yes I am using the latest experimental - 9140

I dunno what is going on, let me test some other worldgens

Made a new world with no mods enabled and I still had it there, I checked my settings and even tried turning on skill rust. Nothing happened.

Because turns have recently been changed, read times were taking 1/6 the amount of time. My guess is that the fix was to multiply everything by 6.

So, you’re probably looking at a hacky way of fixing a bug.

EDIT: In fact, I’d say it was this : https://github.com/CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA/pull/31336

Woops my bad had one version under that I dint have the latest experimental

Thank you for that, I was really confused.

Although if so could somebody please change the Read times: 600% to be green instead of red. I dunno where to suggest this so I’ll put it here for now

I’ve got the same issue here. For some reason even with fast reader my read times are still 500%

I’m a bit unclear of how to actually fix this. I’ve looked through the code in data folder but I can’t find anything related to “read times” besides the books themselves

So 600% in the experimental = 100% in the stable. 500% is actually around 84% of the old read time.

I was wondering if read times were relative…
Does this mean that everything in the game just got sped up/slowed down, and therefore reading theoretically is the same?
i’ve never been good with hard math.

Basically, yes. since the change to 1s turns, most of the things that messed with time, were just multiplied or divided by 6, as a quick fix until they were/are properly coded.
And junknown did the math already. so having the fast reader trait does work.

Well, guess it should show the old percentage instead of the new, if that’s possible. We could open an issue on this because it’s just confusing.

But on the technical side, multiplying the reading time by 6 wasn’t the hacky way to fix but the right way, because if they did change the reading time of each books, that would have messed up all mods that contain books ?

@Bio, it’s not about “code” in the data folder (it’s just json data, and you’d see almost nothing related to game mechanics in it) , but about C++ code in the src folder :slight_smile: (which, to be honest, is a bit hard to follow if it’s your first time looking at a big C++ project)

I meant hacky as in ‘let’s fix this right now and not worry about the details.’ There’s nothing wrong with it, but the proper fix would have been to address the display as well.

I didn’t mean anything particularly negative by it, just meant it was a partial fix for the immediate problem of ‘oh shit we’re reading 6 times too fast’.

Soo…what should i do to fix it? Or just wait for new experimental?

Just do nothing, everything is alright.

Hahah, no worries, I guess I misunderstood what you meant a little. But yeah, we can agree that the display is confusing.