600% reading time, Help please

Why is my reading time set to 600%!
I have a bunch of mods like magiclysm, C.R.I.T., and various item addition and re-balance mods. But I don’t remember any of them doing this.

You are using the latest experimental correct? That has not happen to me :confused: have a ton of mods enabled maybe something is conflicting?

Yes I am using the latest experimental - 9140

I dunno what is going on, let me test some other worldgens

Made a new world with no mods enabled and I still had it there, I checked my settings and even tried turning on skill rust. Nothing happened.

Because turns have recently been changed, read times were taking 1/6 the amount of time. My guess is that the fix was to multiply everything by 6.

So, you’re probably looking at a hacky way of fixing a bug.

EDIT: In fact, I’d say it was this : https://github.com/CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA/pull/31336

Woops my bad had one version under that I dint have the latest experimental

Thank you for that, I was really confused.

Although if so could somebody please change the Read times: 600% to be green instead of red. I dunno where to suggest this so I’ll put it here for now