Question about reading time lag

Hi every one, I’m new to the forum but not new to DDA Cataclysm.
I would like to ask if you guys have problem with the reading time lag, which is like one or two seconds irl for each tick in game. This made reading a enormous pain, I have to wait and find other things to do while the character in game just reads through the high end books. In 0.c we did not have this problem, and the problem is on and off in various experimental versions. I understand that this could be normal if you have accumulated a lot of stuff, while I was overjoyed to find out that if you put your things in the crate, reading time would be way much faster, like 10 times faster and thus bearable. After I updated the game today, the problem returned, and going back to the old experimental version with the same save file, the problem is still there. I would like to know how do you guys cope with this problem? I’m using windows tiled version with launcher, software rendering off.
Thanks and stay strong everyone!

Had this problem for a long time about a year ago. Was driving me crazy and googled like a madman several days in a row trying to fix it. Literally had to go afk 30 seconds to dig a pit.

If I remember correctly it was fixed by changing from fullscreen mode to borderless windowed.

Border-less window indeed does solve this problem. I’ve had it as well.

well it didn’t work for me. Borderless or fullscreen off. Occasionally it is back to normal, but without updating the game or doing any changes, on the next game start it will be lagging like hell. Guess it’s my bad karma : P
Thanks though!