Addictions seem broken ; windows SDL 0.C-15009-g639efd0

Been smoking and drinking a lot and haven’t seen any sign of addiction yet. ‘view addictions’ seems gone from the debug menu so I can’t tell if addiction gain has been nerfed crazy-substantially or if something’s legit broke.

Yeah, I’ve not managed to get an addiction since like, before build 4800 iirc

I’ve noticed the last two or three times I ran out of cigarettes it went suspiciously easily.

Did a bit of playing around with some of the addicted starts and the addiction is there, but it seems the problem is that addictions are healing far too fast ; so fast you can’t even get addicted in normal play.

Have you tried blood filter? I accidentally took meth, so I also took some Adderall, installed a CBM, and then filtered the blood. I had a very short comedown, and no fatigue period. I only took one low-grade meth.