Mutagen Addiction

So, my last character got addicted to mutagen, but he died. My current character now has a ton of serums from raiding a science lab, plus about 4 gallons of regular mutagen. I’d like to avoid addiction this time, so what are the recommended amounts at a time?

You can get addicted to mutagen? Woah, didn’t know that. That’s awesome. I guess just space out you doses of mutagen so you don’t become too dependent on it? I’m not entirely sure how addictions work.

Addictions as far as I am concerned, work by giving you a chance to become addicted every time you use them and that chance wont increase with the frequency you use them, you could become addicted to alcohol after drinking a lone beer (has happened to me before) or consume meth for a whole day and exit perfectly fine.

Conclusion, the RNG hates you. But don’t feel bad, it hates everyone

Oh, is there an Addiction Resistant trait? I know there’s one that makes the negative effects of drugs not as bad, so your withdrawals won’t be as bad.

The thing about addiction is that while you indeed have a random chance of increasing your addiction level with each use, the first few levels don’t do anything, so if you wait long enough for a lvl 1 addiction to expire before taking the drug again, you’re safe from significant addiction. What that time is for various addiction types I don’t know offhand.

Damn I knew I should have mixed the beer with a sip of vodka then, they always told me mixing was terrible

Why dint i listen? WHY?

Actually the RNG doesn’t hate me - I got addicted after chugging/ injecting 2+ science labs worth of mutagen and serums.

Even if you get addicted, I assume if you wait it out it’ll go away eventually.

Take it as a sign that the RNG has chosen you to ascend, beyond humanity. To become the new master race.

Yeah. I put this in, due to popular demand, a mutagen-pack or two ago.

FWIW the addiction is primarily psychological. Anything that adds (or removes!) traits has 2 * the amount of traits it can handle addiction power. IIRC, if you roll less than the addiction power on a d100, take a level of addiction.

Addictions only become noticeable at level 3.

FWIW there’s a trait that specifically exists to amp up the effects of mutagen addiction.

Purifier is more addictive than mutagen. Serums are worse. :wink: