Lava flooded Military-Bunker?!

Some time ago, when I was pretty new to this game, I found this bunker, to the far northeast in my map which I had just updated by hacking the console in that lab. I’ve 2 military id cards too so I thought to loot this one. I went there (thankfully it wasn’t guarded), used my id card and then when I pressed the “>” key on the staircase it asked “There’s a sheer drop halfway down. Jump? (Y/N)” like in this picture:

(I didn’t took any pictures then, these pics I’ve taken by using a copy savegame in the same place)

I thought something was fishy but I thought that since I had a grappling hook and a rope so I’ll be safe (at that time I used to think of bunkers like labs, but just filled with military stuff) but as I dropped, I went straight down into a lake full of lava!!

I thought it was some kind of bug (since I was using experimentals I kept copies just-in-case), so I reloaded my game. But now that I’ve raided 2 bunkers I know that they’re not supposed to be like this. Even if this bunker was to be filled with lava it should not be of this size. Is this a bug or something? If this is not a bug then why the hell this kind of stuff is in the game?? If I hadn’t kept a copy then I would’ve died right there because there was no way out. Even now in that savegame, this bunker is on the map, I haven’t gone there since.

A regular bunker is supposed to be like this (isn’t it?):

If this is not a bug then any bunker that has a straight drop should be avoided?

And one more question, If one happens to fall in such bunker, what should be done to get out alive?

Anything which has “straight drop” and isn’t supposed to (bunkers, labs, basements…) should be avoided - it means some underground feature (ant tunnels, lava fissure - in your case - or a lab, or something else) generated over the proper basement, destroying it.

Oh, this bug. This was supposed to be fixed in the experimental ~1-2 months ago I think. It’s meant to display a “You smell sulpher/feel REALLY HOT near the hole” message for lava.

[quote=“hexman, post:1, topic:8743”]-snip-
And one more question, If one happens to fall in such bunker, what should be done to get out alive?[/quote]
Pretty sure the best way to get out is to use the debug menu’s long-range teleport option to teleport yourself back to the surface.

Or, if you’ve got quicksave bound and/or saved right before going down, as you should’ve essentially done, closing the game without using ingame exit functions and opening it back up and loading the save, in which you’re consequently not in lava.

If it asks you to “jump” you’re not using a rope. If you’re carrying a grapple hook, long rope, or are heavily mutated and have rope-y abilities, it should prompt you for those when you encounter a dropoff, rather than letting you just jump. Successful rope-use leaves a rope-up tile where you land, permitting you to just go back up and escape.

So don’t jump unless you already know what’s there.