2fe649e - Mugger npcs still rob you, even if you aggres

Not a recent problem; If you get held up by an npc and use the hold up hands option, the npc will still approach and rob you no matter what happens. This occurs more often in the dark than the light, because the NPC won’t be able to detect you doing things.

Ie: Random Npc spawns in stupid location inside your house or crawls out of your lit fireplace to hold you up, catching you off guard. Choose hold up hands option, wait till they get closer, and whip out shotgun, go to shoot shotgun only for them to take it and your lunch money and your crowbar like you were still standing there with your hands up.

I started in an lmoe shelter with a g39c loaded, but on the ground. Npc spawned in the water in the fireplace room (??, frickin’ ninjas), and held me up. I held hands up, but then went outside the room to get the gun and came back and with a loaded g39c. They snatched it from me before I could fire, equipped it, and shot me full auto. While not exactly an impossible feat irl, they did have a tec-9 already.

I also know they will continue to mug you even if they are aggro and in the day though. Fought one with a melee weapon till they took it from me like I was a petulant child.