How do you effectively use explosives?

I have been looking over the different kinds of explosives you can craft. So how do you use them effectively? I know that the smaller explosives like pipe bomb and (makeshift) grenades and the like are supposed to be used by throwing them from behind a corner or cover in the general vicinity of a (group) enemy. But what are the use of larger explosives like dynamite or barrel bombs and how do you use them effectively against enemies?

Try this

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I didn’t know you could do that! Any more fun things you can do with explosives?

Well if you manage to get into the main access panel of a middle silo you can wipe a good sized map tile off the face of the Earth.

Great for clearing out fungal infestations.

But in reality, big explosives are really only good at destroying buildings or blowing up walls to get into places.

You could set up an ANFO bomb and lure in a large horde into it, or use a large bundle of dynamite to blow into a military armory bunker but of course you might destroy the loot inside.

I’ve used dynamite to blow out the doors to a lab, both to get in and out.

I’ve also used molotovs and such to make large fiery inferno patches and lure zombies into it, same with spiked pits but the molotovs are way more easier to make. Just punch a hole in the glass wall of a mall, throw a Molotov at the entrance and watch them burn.

The world’s your oyster, be creative.