0.E release crashes at random points

Guys I need a serious help here
I posted the error details in here:

I thought it happened on that specific map but today I started another one, wood starting so I need to move around to find a good spot to set camp and randomly… it happened

same error, alloc whatever

is it my pc, or the 0.E that is unstable?

I can’t use the launcher since my windows defender annoys me with false virus alerts (I’m looking for a way to avoid that stuff)

Small update:
Soooo I created a new world, started a test map and did some things that could trigger the error: revealed map, teleported to random location, traveled in a certain direction for a long time
aand nothing happening

then i bet if I start a serious game it will happen again…

but for now, the situation seems back to normal… I’ll let you know if it happens again

I got a similar random std::bad_alloc crash a couple of times during an LMOE shelter start when 0.E first released. It would crash before the world finished loading. I deleted that world and it hasn’t happened since.

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Yes, i tried deleting that world and make a new one and after some testing it never happened again

But what exactly causes the issue is unknown

just tell Defender to allow the launcher. I did. It stopped it from deleting the launcher and all the fake virus alerts.

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Thank you but since the last post I didn’t have other issues

Ok I have another strange crash issue but I think I know why

I play the latest experimental right now

You can find the crash log in here

So, basically, I have a “kill my zombie mum” quest from a starter npc and every time (three consecutive crashes) I approach the quest location i get this message

So it is possible that I should get a notification of some sort warning me that I found the target zombie and i have to kill him, something goes wrong and the game crashes