Crashes often, New here as well

Hey there, thought the updates for this game died then found this site so thanks for the hard work guys but I do have some issues. I read around on the forums and spotted some people having crash issues but could not find a direct answer unless I missed something then point me out please. I am using the 0.3 windows executable that I downloaded last night. 

I probably should have read the crash report and will do so next time it happens. I have auto-saving off, I tried not talking to any of the NPC's as well. First time it happened one of the NPC's left the evac shelter and started killing animals like usual when they got too close as I stayed inside the evac reading some skill books after stock piling supplies up from running back and forth then it crashed. I figured it was from reading but I saved not long before the crash about 10-15 seconds before hand. 

Well I started reading again then it crashed after a few reads so I thought it may have been the books. I loaded then went outside to the npc and well it crashed. I then went to kill the npc but still crashed. I tried moving out of range of the npc but still crashed, so I had to start a new game of course. 

It happened again not long ago same place evac shelter so I am wondering if it's best just to stay away from the evac shelter? It does not happen at first it seems to happen after a set amount of time but normally I get within 30 minutes real time playing then something happens. It's also happened in towns at times too and same thing upon loading it would crash shortly after not sure if there is a fix around for this? Thanks and like I said next time it crashes I'll post the error it comes up/
Well it did it again when I was in a basement in a house in which I found some mutagen and purifiers. Once I left the house it crash, not sure what the errors are as it's not giving me any. I guess I will just wait till another update to play, seems unplayable on windows 7 and I tried running as admin, have not tried compatibility so might try that but doubt it will work who knows.