Fatal Crash (old bug) happpens again

another bug (fatal crash) i come across during my experimental play…

this crash happens when i try to butcher an Alpha Razorclaw on a shipwreck…
this is not the only fatal crash occured to me before, when i try to ask some equipment to starting NPC the game also crashed too.

Yeah the experimentals have been rather crashy lately. Oddly enough this is actually the first time I have seen the game actually crash.

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I’ve noticed that too. Had a crash moving north on the overworld. Been playing the experimental builds since I got into the game and I’ve never had a crash.

just updated my experimental version to 8538 (was 8534).

so far so good.

Best part is somebody decided to have autosave off by default. Bright idea right there.

Hope this gets fixed soon. Until then ima hardcore autosave every 1 minute.