Fatal error still occuring

Win XP

Still unable to load old save files from previous experimental builds. I’m getting the same crash as last time. The last version my save file worked on was 0.9.RC1-76-g77e5f36. Hope this helps.

Debug Message

gamesave.cpp[625]: error loading master.gsav: line 2:4557: expecting string but got ‘,’

factions":[{“id”:0,“name”:“The army”,“values”:0,“goal”:3,“job1”:6,“job2”:0,“likes_u”:0,“respects_u”:0,“known_by_u”:false,“strength”:0,“sneak”:0,“crime”:0,“cult”:0,“good”:0,“omx”:0,“omy”:0,“mapx”:90,“mapy”:90,“size”:360,“power”:180,"opinion_

…Out of curiosity is this a ported save from 0.8? I think they recently did something to the factions so that you don’t’ automatically start with top level relations (and knowing all of them) off the bat and I think this might have broken save compatibility.

I believe so. This one has been carried over a few times, it may have been the tail end of .8 just before the .9rc’s. But it works on one of the rc’s, just not the newer ones.

I’m actually getting the same problem from loading any save. I can make a new character on a new world, save/quit and load it back up… and red text comes up.