[0.C-5285] Vault armory guns spawn with no magazines

Just like it says on the tin. Weapons spawned in the Vault armory have no magazines even though their item groups in necropolis_c_2 and necropolis_c_3 indicate that they should.

I’ve noticed a lot of weapons spawning without mags since they were implemented, survivor zed’s guns don’t have mags nor do guns dropped around the science map special.

Also, guns found on crash sites never have magazines, I think.


Map extras, survivor zombies, and the necropolis armory still spawn firearms with no magazines. The weapons spawned in these locations are so rare that the absence of magazines make them only useful as blunt instruments. The survivor zed is particularly easy to fix as the death drop item group just needs to have the “magazine” and “ammo”, added, as the commit that changed their death drops seems to indicate should have been the case.

Do you perhaps have a link to the commit? That would make it a LOT easier to fix.

Thanks for reporting btw, these are indeed problems that should be fixed.


This is the specific commit that migrated the survivor zombie’s death drops. Mugling mentions in the pull request that he/she was migrating because the zed’s drops were over powered and lacked magazines, but seems to have forgotten to add the “magazine” field to the start of the item group. The problems with map extras, (drug dealers, supply crates, etc.), is that the place item command in src lacks the arguments for magazines or ammo. This problem also exists for spider basements (calls item group “rare” which contains some firearms) and spider pits (same deal as the basements but with item group “spider”). And finally, the Necropolis armory seems to have a problem with place_item vs. place_loot calling a magazine field.

for example

"place_loot": [ { "group": "guns_pistol_common", "chance": 75, "x": 12, "y": 9, "magazine": 100 },
spawns guns with mags


"place_items": [ { "item": "guns_rifle_milspec", "chance": 85, "x": [ 11,23 ], "y": [ 8,8 ], "magazine": 100 },
No mags (sad_face.png)

just changing place_items to place_loot in the map gen file throws a hissy fit when I tried it, so I don’t know how to fix that.