0.C-3984 The map search function is being unreliable

Win 7
Version 3984, graphical
(or 7923-gbd45294, as it reads in the game main menu)

It appears the map search function doesn’t return all hits. I did a search on my map for ‘police’, to find all police stations. Cycling through targets with < and > cycles between TWO police stations on the map, when in fact I have many more police station locations discovered than that, at least 10 I’d say. Although some of them are quite far away, possibly up to 1000 map squares. Some stations were found by me, most were revealed by using roadmaps. In the case of the cycled stations, one of them was found by me, the other was obtained via a roadmap, and is still “undiscovered”, I suppose. Could that somehow be the problem? That the search function quits or loops when it hits the first roadmap-revealed location?

Also, where could one upload savegames? Mine is 17MB when compressed, 200MB uncompressed… Is that a lot?

You can upload your save game on the various online file sharing/storing website like dropbox, mega, mediafire, etc.