0.C-19534-gec2b8d9 build #5838 bugs

  1. I constantly find 200 000 000 cash cards.
  2. Smashing dead spitter zombie causes lots of acid burns while butchering is safe.
  3. Levers doesn’t work (“nothing happens”).

Butchering is a feature. You are carefully cutting around the acidic parts like a master Fugu chef.

Build #5839
4. Killing monsters while they are standing on window yelds no items (no body, not clothes, just nothing)
5. Credit cards now give either 200 000 000 or 0 cash
6. Seems like all items are spawning with maximum default charges - 50 thread with sewing/tailor kit, 400 duct tapes, 100 nails, matchbox with 20 charges, lighter with 100 charges, etc.

Adding to the list of bugs and strange crap(why waste room right?)

-Lighters are bugged. They only spawn 100% full, even on NPCs when trading.

-As was stated that cash cards are bugged. But they either show up as 0(zero) balance or 2 million.(just adding that caveat).

-Tailor grammar error Refiting = should be Refitting (missing T).

and lastly, a general query. When player sets the world to delete upon dying, why the hell does it save all tiles information when it should be deleting the world your character just died in? Not angry…just seems like that would be best served removed.

That plus removing quests that are either broken or unable to complete…saves noobs from pestering you and our old grandparent crap brains from trying to remember " …is this broken? Can I finish this?"

I didn’t get to check everything this morning but sometime last night the levers got fixed.

I was still seeing the cash card and lighter issue (although some things mentioned have always been this way, like 50 thread, 20 matches, and so on).

Dunno if something changed the past few weeks (been a while since I played) but loot in some basements is off/lower compared to back a ways. Probably intentional but the “chemistry” basements are now usually empty or close to it (where you’d often find jelly, chem sets, purifier, etc and the “clutter” basements where you’d sometimes find hackpro and tons of junk now just have a little junk.

Almost nobody uses matchs despite almost everyone having some around. Lighter on the other hand are very much used extensively. Lighters being all full is definitely not accurate.