0.C-19627-gbe0fba8 - Stacks of food + Cash cards bugged

Two bugs, both separate issues.

The first is that fruits give a lot of food when harvested from the wild. 20 or so, sometimes. This is pretty nice, except that when you try to pick up the harvest, you don’t grab the whole stack, but one at a time, even if you select to pick up all. It’s rather obnoxious to have to pick up every individual item that way, even through the advanced inventory management menu.

All the fruit tree/bush drops behave the same way: try to pick up all, and you only pick up one, with the rest left on the ground. The seeds are the same story, but only when you get them off bushes. Seed drops or seeds in stores follow the rules.

I’ve seen similar things happen with meat and tainted meat, though only when they are left out for a while. I’m not sure why it matters, but meat immediately after butchering can be picked up all at once without issue. When it ages, then it gets testy. Bones don’t act up, tainted or otherwise, nor do metals or rocks that stack in a similar way.

Additionally, cash card values appear to be acting wonky. Without exception, every single cash card I have ever discovered in multiple worlds have 0 cents, or the maximum cents. There is no in between; it’s either totally empty or totally full.

These two bugs have been persistent across the latest 3 downloadable versions of the game on the download page, if that helps. Reproduction should be as easy as killing zeds till you get cash card drops, and harvesting a blueberry bush or something and trying to grab all the items.

Cash card bug is known. It affects all random charge items (lighters, matchboxes).

I noticed that fruit bug today. I think one of my PRs already fixes it, just isn’t merged yet.

The bug persists in download 5883.

Any ETA on cash cards fix?

I’ve already found couple of full ones so I’m a millionaire but it breaks intended balance. Not a too big deal though…

I’ve noticed both the credit cards and the pick up bug. in my case I’ve noticed that soldier and police zeds seem to always drop full cards and other types empty cards.

Cash cards seem fixed now, I recently found one of a more typical value.

I confirm as well, it seems to be fixed.