Items (especially nonrechargeable ones) spawning with 0 charges

I am playing this game in version 0.E-2733-g6a45cf7 and wanted to report what i think is a “not working as intended” issue. In one playthrough I had several items that should have an amount of charges, namely “lighter” and “matchbook” spawn with 0 charges. The lighter was spawned both on my starting companion NPC and a randomly spawned human corpse, the matchbooks when I disassembled MRE rations. I tried to disassemble MREs several times and always got matchbooks with 0 charges, and also got a lighter spawned on another starting NPC in a different playthrough with 0 charges, so I believe this is not a single instance. I do believe items spawned like this should have at least a random amount of charges, even better those MRE matchbooks should have full charges all the time (they do come from an unopened bag after all).

Many greetings


This is a known issue:

Thanks. For some reason i couldn’t find this post by googling, only similar posts from years ago. This post can be seen as finished then.