Is my survival bow supposed to take this long to unload?

I am pretty new to this game just learned how to fire a bow. So I am using a survival bow and makeshift wooden arrows. When I aim (" f ") then fire or cancel the aim, it says “you unload your survival bow” and takes 23 sec to complete the said action (i.e. 2300 move points approx, I think).
Is it supposed to be like this or is it a bug or am I doing something wrong?
Also I am keeping the arrows in a short rope ( because I don’t have the recipe for a quiver yet) and my archery is at level 1.

Also I am keeping the arrows in a short rope

base moves to remove item: 2000

Sounds normal to take 2300 move points, then.

Bows were nerfed a lot about a year ago. I recommend that you craft a [staff] sling and throw rocks. The latter is ammo that is plentiful and also easy to store/carry.

So does that mean all the bows will be like this or is there a solution. Because this make bows very ineffective if the enemy gets time to cover the distance I want to keep from it.

it’s not the bow that is the issue, it is the short rope.

Ok good to know, thank you.

if you really want to invest in underpowered weapons (bows), then you can either get a container that can store arrows directly (golf bag, quiver), craft one or put them in one of vehicle storage boxes of your motorcycle / car/ whatever you can use to drive and shoot zombies from.