0.A Saves are being corrupted

So sometimes when I save and quit and try to load up my previous game I just can’t. I get no notification, program just shuts itself and I can’t load up my save anymore.

It made me copy my save folder every time I save the game + I just lost 30 min IRL on reading books and then it happened again.

Any solutions?

no. have never experienced any lost or corrupted data in cdda. might have other raisins.

Last time we messed with saving was a while back. Got something in the pipe IIRC, but it’s still a PR.

Version (build/stable, OS), any details about what you’re doing?

Last time we had problems like that it was a writing permissions thing with Windows, IIRC. Might check to make sure your DDA directory and the Save folder are cleared for DDA to write your save, if that’s relevant.

Stable 0.A. Saving most of times works okay but sometimes it don’t put me in main menu, instead program shut downs itself and then I cant load up.

Windows, Linux, Mac? Any patterns (saving in a particular spot, at particular times, etc?) If it’s Stable then we might have fixed it already but I don’t recall hearing of a failure-to-save bug. That would’ve been a blocker had we been informed of it.

windows 7. I cant really find any scheme. I mostly spend my gametime in a farmhouse with few very big stockpiles and lots of wildlife bodies so maybe that’s the cause.

anyway it happened next to a lab entrance where wasnt any thrash too

Maybe to stop your saves from being corrupted you should stop letting them play with the other saves. Of course then your saves might rebel against your authority and take up smoking and drugs.