My Game crashes on Load Game

Windows Stable 0.9
I’ve got a problem. I was just playing perfectly fine, Saved and Quit, because I save often. Loaded game and program crashed.
Started up the game again, loaded my save, crashed.
I was doing so well, this is my best character yet, and I don’t want to need to restart now. But if I have to, I guess I have to.
I’ve zipped up the save, but I have no idea how you want to share it, if want to look at the problem.
Every time I load the save, the game will say Loading, the 3000/10000 etc and then when it finishes, the program crashes.

im guessing the file is corrupted. If you have a previous save file try that?

How do they become corrupt? And unfortunately, that’s my only one.

Dzlan - read this.

Thanks, Ill try that.
: ( Sign, Good by my beautiful Armoured Car. We got so much done together, haha.