0.9-3447-gf775b97 not sure if bug or partially implemented NPC relations?

i’m playing version… i already typed the whole damn thing out so read the thread title. so i was playing with NPCs turned on as i usually do on the off chance that the experimental i downloaded just happens to be the one in which NPCs are fixed and fully implemented. of course it never is, but i always play with NPCs on just in case.

and since NPCs usually don’t work, there’s no reason not to just kill them on sight and take their stuff. in this particular experimental things turned out differently however.

after killing several NPCs, now almost every NPC i come across is hostile, and i’ve started encountering them invading my LMOE shelter in force, with numbers as high as three.

does this mean that killing NPCs without provocation now has consequences? are we finally seeing something being done to make NPCs worth including in the game?

this, however, is definitely a bug:  

i don't seem to be able to hit NPCs using guns, all i get is a "bang!", no hit messages or damage,  though luckily with this character i have some pretty nice dodge and unarmed skills coupled with Taekwondo, so i can generally handle them ok.

so can i get any answers regarding this?

Probably not.
There is no feature that makes NPCs spawn and come after you when you kill them.
It’s possible there was a bug introduced about gun/NPC in
teraction, I’ll take a look.