Bugs again


  • I was greeted by an agressive survivor while cooking. I agreed to leave, but she attacked me anyway because i didn’t stop cooking and my grace time elapsed. BTW, she threated me with “Thanks pilgrim!” and i still don’t know it is a mod or a vanilla error. The dialog was fine in the 5137 and i was able to stop cooking, so i presume it is fixed.
  • Temperature rarely changes. It was 13C for days.
  • can’t use disinfectant on bitten NPC
  • NPCs hit a zombie in the car. The zombie died and the last hits attacked the car. There was some From the you hear crash!
  • Z-9 kevlar dog harness is not filty
  • can’t bash through doctor’s office wall with fire axe and 8 strength. It is worked in the past.
  • It is possible to make a wound worse with first aid? I tried to fix an NPC almost totally broken limbs and they became grey. now they have 0 hp in the save file.
  • So this NPC’s limbs are damaged to 0. All of them. If i want her to use my canteen of cullen skink she takes the canteen, not just consume the food. If it is a jar of cullen skink she complains her weapon is better and refuse it.
  • Guarding NPC in car has been doubled in the save file. I think one is at the original position, one is in the moving car.
  • vehicle menu now is full screen and the parts are in the wrong window (left window, below the vehicle).
  • NPCs open doors unnecessary, this makes cars unsafe.
  • If a mission giver NPC die before i finish the mission, there is a error message. Sorry, i forgot to screenshot it.
  • NPC wields a none.

NPC wields a none again: my follower wield a none after a fight with an antlered horror. I found his fire axe, so it seems if an NPC lost their weapon, they wield a none.