[0.8 SDL Stable] Consistently crashing (Windows 7)

I’m consistently getting that error and a crash. I experimented a bit and it seems to happen in two instances. This is a very large save file, mind you. I’m currently standing with a lot of the map explored to my north and northwest, but the south is unexplored. If I travel south, I get that error. And if I open the map and navigate it to the southwest, I get that error. Interestingly, I can navigate the map directly south, and it doesn’t crash. I have no problems with going north, both with my character and in the map.

What could it be? Did this world get corrupted somehow?

How large are we talking? filesize I mean?

The save folder is at 98,3mb. I don’t know how large that is comparatively.

Unless your computer runs on coal it’s not the problem I thought it was. Is the save before they started demanding you name your worlds?

I’m on a i5-750 with 4gb RAM. And there’s free space on my hard drive.

It is indeed from before you had to name worlds.

[quote=“Mamalque, post:5, topic:3805”]I’m on a i5-750 with 4gb RAM. And there’s free space on my hard drive.

It is indeed from before you had to name worlds.[/quote]

Best guess is it’s trying to save to a directory that doesn’t exist… though I’m not a coder so I could say it’s just mad at you and have about as much weight to that answer…

I really think it might be due to world/save size. I reverted to a previous save, progressed through a different path, and when it got to the same point in size, it crashed. The point seems to be when the game nears 2gb physical memory in use.

Then it is what I thought it was, Dwarf Fortress has a similar problem (You can’t embark on 16 by 16 sites because of program limitations)

that said I’m not sure if you’re using a 64 bit system and if you’re not, you’ve got 4 gigs of RAM and making CDDA “Large Address Aware” should fix your problem (assuming this is it) for awhile (Until you run out of RAM all together.)

I don’t know how to go about doing this though.

I am on a 64bit system and I recall doing that to previous games. There’s an application that I remember using to patch Morrowind. This one.

I wend ahead and tested it, and after patching it with that, it no longer crashed.

However, I’m ignorant on the matter and am afraid it could screw with something else if applied to Cataclysm specifically. Could anyone shed some light?

It endeed sounds like you’re hitting the memory limit, I didn’t know we were using THAT much, there’s one specific (difficult) change that should make this a total non-issue, need to mump it up in priority.
In the meantime if you have a fix that lets it access over 2GB of RAM at once, that should be ok for the time being.

Can we get the Large Address Aware patch in CDDA, pleease?