Random Shutdowns?

0.9 (Doesn’t show anything else)
Windows 8

Sometimes while I am playing the game, if I move with the arrow keys it sometimes will shut the game off, then when I get on and go to “Load” and then my world, it says there are [glow=red,2,300]No Saves[/glow]! Please help!

Where did you put the game ? In a restricted folder maybe ?

Try lunch it while admin or puting it in a folder that doesn’t equire to be admin to change stuff.

And if it’s not that, i don’t know.

I thought of another thing. Hunter, how big is your game world?

[quote=“Zireael, post:3, topic:4785”]I thought of another thing. Hunter, how big is your game world?[/quote]you mean you can change how big the game world is now?

yep. The more you explore, the bigger the game world it gets :slight_smile:

i also experienced random game crashes lately. The game closes without any error message, it stops working when trying to move (it usually happens when close to a building/house for the first time in a new game) but this are bugs i kinda expect from an experimental version. So when a version is particularly buggy i move to the next, after reporting what i found to be abnormal. It usually works for me.

Ferodaktyl - are you using tiles?

And yes, I meant the exploring :slight_smile:

nope, no tiles

I’ve been seeing similar behavior with the last few daily builds - CTD with no message or warning when attempting to move or act. I ended up enabling autosave after the first few times. My impression is that it generally happens shortly after releasing a (G)rabbed item or using stairs, but I’ve also noted that it’s usually in an area I haven’t explored heavily yet. I believe the map size is a few thousand by a few thousand squares. The load/save progress dialog is /~10000. I do use tiles.

Getting something very similar on 3878 (Windows Graphical, although I’m not using a texture pack currently). When moving with arrow keys or numpad the game just quickly closes with no explanation. Seems to occur more often if I’m rapidly tapping the same button, but isn’t limited to that. It keeps my save data though, strangely.

EDIT: In the last few minutes it’s started just automatically shutting down after a few turns, rendering this build unplayable.

Having the same problem in current experimental, both console and graphical. Gen a new world, create a char>start game>CTD out of nowhere.
Except, the process is still running in task manager.

win7 SP1, x64, 8Gb DDR3.