Crashes 0.C-12726-gcfc59e9

recently started playing again. and have been having crashes when around my home base. Unsure why. I don’t have the amounts of items some other posters would have, not even close to that. I have Random NPCs enabled(unsure if that might have an effect.) Thoughts?

Almost forgot. playing with mods. Craftable Gun Pack. Icecoon’s Weapons Pack. Medieval and Historic Content. More Survival Tools. Boats. Folding Parts pack. Tanks and Other Vehicles. and Vehicle Additions Pack.

Save could be useful

never really posted a savegame before. but happily will post whole of game files.

The save game is in saves directory, with the name like the world. It should compress quite well, but you should still use the most aggressive compression you got (7z or LZMA on maximum is pretty good).

Try to make the save as close to the crash as possible, it helps a lot. When the crash can be reproduced reliably (for example, “load save, walk up, it crashes”) the fixes are usually easy to write.

Ok, new problem arising. Trying to post save folder, but I cannot compress the file down to a small enough size for the forum. Any suggestions? Been trying for about an hour. Using 7zip compression. on Ultra

Upload it somewhere else. Most of the free file upload websites are fine.
OK there you go.