Pressurised Fuel Tank

So I found this badass flamethrower but it requires a very specific magazine, a Pressurized fuel tank. Now I can craft small pressurized fuel tanks it wont accept so I figured I just need to skill up more. Hunkered down with book and am at Fabrication 10 and mechanics 8 but still no recipe unlock for full sized pressurized tanks. Do I need to just go to 10 mechanics for it? The small tank only takes 4 Fab and 3 Mechanics so it’s hard to imagine it requires 10 and 10 for a larger version. I’ve gotta be missing something here.

It appears there’s no recipe for the 3L pressurized tank, you can only make the 0.5L one. Seems like an oversight.

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Ack, bit of a large one. Are there any other ways to actually acquire one of these tanks or are my dreams of flamethrower fun times doomed?

Other flamethrowers?

If you aren’t averse to cheating, you could wreck a whole bunch of small tanks and scrap metal to justify spawning yourself some more compatible tanks but, if you’re talking about the RivTech flamethrower, I think the idea is that the tank for it is proprietary. Still ridiculous, of course, what with all the other things you can take apart and reverse-engineer even without being able to read, but there it is.

Flamer mobs in fema camps drop throwers. You can raid a military bunker and find something perhaps too.

If you don’t have military key cards. You may have a Barret rifle. Shoot through the glass at point blank range. This would break just about anything in real life…assuming you didn’t have the gun kick a hole in your gut shooting it lol

It’s not Rivtek. Just some flamer I stripped off a Bandit Doom Tractor.

Never seen a flamer mob in my life at any fema camps but could take a look.

Craft 6 small ones throw them away and debug yourself a big one into your save or write a crafting recipe for yourself or even better submit one to github the more Craftable Guns Mod might be a good place for it if it is intentionally left out of the mainline.

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I did end up just debugging one in after crafting some small tanks. I don’t like doing stuff like that because it sets a precedent but meh, it’s a silly oversight. The flamethrower was a lot of fun to torch a bunch of fungus with so I’d rate it 100% worth it. I found it almost in destroyed condition so hopefully it doesn’t explode on me and kill me until I can find a gun repair kit or something. Amusingly my character mutated pyromania right before I went and lit an entire forest on fire to kill a fungul bloom and it’s spawn.