[0.8-2054-g0eaaafd] Running from Jabberwocks

Possibly due to a combination of both their newer slower speed and the fact that they now stuble, its completely possibly to run from a jabberwock without it ever entering attacking range (mind you will not really be able to lose easely anyway) but it really removes a lot of that oh Shit a Jabberwock! feeling that made them such a memorable monster.

I mean i like my Jabberwocks being relentless running forest monsters that run towarf you the moment they see you and not something i can easily run from, lure into a house and then set on fire


Burning down houses?


I’ve yet to run from a jabberwock. I’ve shot a few of them to death, but usually I just curbstomp them. Takes about three or four turns in most cases, even when completely unarmed.

Did the same thing to a pair of hulks a while back. It brought a smile to my face to imagine their faces when they realized that their ‘prey’ was actually their apex predator.

Tried running once.

There’s a reason I try to make sure my vehicles can make 120 MPH

[quote=“Rivet, post:2, topic:3748”]Run?

Burning down houses?


I actually managed to pull this with my 10 day old character, which struck me as odd as I would have given her for dead in past versions.

Hadn’t realized they had also been nerfed - I’ll probably go back and give them another boost, actually.