[0.8-2054-g0eaaafd] PDA flashlight app not giving off light


And while we’re on it, do PDA have the funcionality to receive all those apps found in usbs and be more than flashlights yet?


Wasn’t that the whole point of the USB drives all along? Always found it weird that the PDA only doubles as a flashlight.

Never knew what the USB drives did.

I wish the USB has some kind of a simple arcade game in it (pong, snake, tetris), so you can play it in a working console - the idea of playing a game inside a game intrigues me :slight_smile:

Not sure what’s going on with PDA Flashlights, so no comment. As to USB’s and PDA interactions, there’s a plan, but I’m not clear as to what they may be yet. Right now, USBs are useless outside of NPC quests.

We’ve already got both snake and sokoban. :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ve already got both snake and sokoban. :P[/quote]
Really? My bad then, I didn’t expect you guys to think of this before :stuck_out_tongue:
This is awesome.

What would be neat is the ability to play Cataclysm inside the Cataclysm. I bet its easy to implement, just save the previous game and start a new one with some decorations around and with default settings and no saves as if you are playing it on laptop inside the previous game. And when you are finished save it and load the main game. Also you could go deeper and deeper and deeper.

Actually a feature called World Factory just landed that manages seperate world saves, it does most of the heavy lifting for this kind of thing, just need to figure out a time dialation factor to apply, and add in some code to yank you back out of the cataception instance if you’re disturbed… Yea this could happen…

If the hackPRO and medisoft and whatever USB drives actually start having functionality, it would be neat if you could access a working console with the USB drive and PDA in your inventory, and one of the options would be to transfer that software to the PDA, so that you can hack terminals with your PDA.

By the way, the PDA light bug has been fixed in the experimental.

Thank you.