USB Flashdrives + PDA's

So, I’ve found PDA’s in an Electronics store and I quite like them, Rather useful for giving light without exposing yourself too much.
I also found a USB Flash drive, a flash drive with HackPRO and a flash drive with Misc Software.
Naturally, judging by the PDA’s description, “It can be loaded with a variety of apps” I instantly assumed HackPRO would be able to be loaded in the PDA, and an other software too.
I guess, now, or I can’t figure out how. Anyone know if this is planned? I reckon it would be very interesting. I’d love to be able to load my PDA’s with a bunch of software with many uses. Just a thought, I’d share.

I think it would be awesome if we could turn the PDA into a nerd-esche multitool.

I think it’s planned, IIRC, Kevin said that it was a possibility.

Oh man, I wanna watch Rambo 18 on that thing.

Haha, oh awesome.
Good to know the idea is welcomed, and watching movies for major morale boosts, at the expense of a few batteries and some time, might also be a nice idea.
I wish I could get Laptops working, though, haha.
So at this moment, carrying my PDA, is only useful for a bit of light?

It also works as a watch, but that’s it, aside from the flashlight :stuck_out_tongue:

Ohh, I never knew that. Thanks for that, though I generally have a wristwatch anyway.

Would be neat if the “monsters killed” stats screen only appeared after you picked up a PDA or something else that can track stats. Maybe “Milage” or other things. I know by experience it would still be a slight hassle to code.

I don’t see why you can’t assume he’s jotting stuff down in a notebook, or something

Would be nice if you could load (just like with ammo) PDAs with USB or SD cards, granting you the ability to use or copy over whatever is on the drives. Sounds sorta tricky though. But fun!

Could be an alright way to read up on some lore as well… if you care enough to sift through all the spam and general banter.

So much this. But instead of ammo, what about something like weapon mods?