PDA tracking device?

I’ve found the device, and I have a PDA, but I don’t know how to track my vehicle. I’ve enabled it, but I don’t know how to make it show up on my map. Help! D:

Is the PDA on?

What’s funny is that I was just about to post here saying I figured it out. The pda actually is not on, but is tracking like it should… I turned it off and on a few times, and voila! Sorry I jumped the gun, guys.

God dammit.

It’s like microsoft tech support!:smiley:

But this time it actually worked!

Very true… It’s odd that it doesn’t need to be on though. Ah well, I’m a dumbass anyhow. XD

Doesn’t matter whether it’s on or off, just that it’s in your inventory. The code that determines whether you’re carrying a PDA before adding the marker to the map seems a little bit flaky at times.

I’ve done some code diving in the past and only an off PDA can be used as a tracker.

Actually, that’s right. Funny. It’s a quick fix, though. A tablet should probably let you track your vehicle as well.

That was the exact reason I went code diving, I can’t do it, ask someone else.

It’s done. Submitted a PR for it.

A tablet letting you track your vehicle would make the PDA pretty useless, but given that the only functions it had to begin with were “bad flashlight,” “bad clock,” and “tracks your vehicle if you want to waste a point of volume for it,” I don’t mind it being moved to the more-useful tablet. If an E-Ink tablet actually has the capacity to do that kind of thing.

A PDA ought to be a tablet-lite, in fact I’d argue that having both is unnecessary, but no matter.

Not that my opinion much matters, being new here and all, but I kind’ve think the PDA needs a little more functionality. SD Memory card functionality and a damn ‘Snake’ game or something would at least make it worth keeping one stashed in my backpack. Otherwise it’s just a piece of junk I toss on the ground and smash into pieces for building more useful equipment, and that seems like a shame to me.