Killing 'innocent' NPC's

Basically, my character’s feeling kind of depressed after shooting an innocent NPC 5 times with a pistol. But the thing is, this poor innocent dude was in the back seat of my car, holding as much of my items he could carry…

Just seems a bit strange my character feels bad for killing someone who took practically all of his items.

Known problems, ownership and theft is very much wip at the moment, see this project for the current state of things.

As it stands, you’ll just have to accept that all our CDDA characters who aren’t psychopathic are simply bleeding hearts who don’t believe any action short of attempting to kill you warrants killing someone else.

That and the fact that you feel “guilty” after killing a zombie child that’s clearly intent on killing you otherwise. That’s really dumb seeing… well… it’s a zombie and the player shouldn’t be punished for trying to survive.

Just removing that flag from being a “creature” thing and making it a negative trait - for those who want to RP someone who has that condition - would be much better. (“If you kill any Zombie you will feel horrible. They were people like you at some point after all!”).

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Play as a psychopath or mutate and break a threshold to remove empathy (the mutation line to apex predator will do it) and prevent morale loss from killing.

Or you could just continuously kill zombie children and you eventually won’t be bothered by it anymore, starting at 100. The more you kill from then onwards the less effected you will be, eventually reducing to 0.

In any case, I’d find it to weigh on my conscience a bit if I was forced to mow down zombie kids that look almost exactly the same as when they were alive.

Game-wise however, I find it that it’s an interesting challenge to overcome.

The kids look like their past human selves as much as “normal / tough / fat / runners” do though, and the only way to “feel guilty” is if you are a pacifist - which makes the whole “Guilty for killing” thing completely redundant.

I’d weight in my conscience to kill someone if I knew they were still alive (which in this case, they’re not), it wouldn’t affect me one bit if it was done in self-defence though. To suggest the use of a trait to offset (what I think is) a bad design choice is naff. Not every character has to be a psychopath to not feel guilty about clearing the world of Zombies that would otherwise kill everyone they see.