Some bugs

I came across the following bugs when researching creatures for my guide

-Dermatiks cant seem to infect you with larvae
-Fungaloids seem unable to infect you
-A stunned jabberwock can walk through walls
-The pool from an acid spit can bypass walls
-A shocker attack can hit you through walls as long as the zombie can see you
-Monsters will never directly attack friendly units (which has frowned many projected experiments)
-Fungaloid has a duplicated entry (which may actually serve a hardcoded purpose)
-Despite being made of plant matter, a fungaloid seems to be invulnerable to tear gas

And possibly some more will follow as i continue researching

Says the person who made a lab for testing monsters. Anyway, these are legit bugs.

What is the problem with testing aspects of the game? People on the Df forums do it all the time
And I dont think that Jabberwocks phasing through walls is intended behavior nor i think that an electric arc should be able to pass through several glass walls to hit me

Also this is possibly a pathfinding issue I found with flying units when subjected to this test:

It seems that they wont aknowledge their ability to fly over water and thus, will never be able to reach my position

The duplicate fungaloid entry is intended AFAIK. The top one is an “active” fungaloid which will attempt to chase you down and what-else. The second one is a “dormant” fungaloid, which is caused when a fungaloid is completely surrounded by other monsters and it doesn’t move at all to save CPU cycles.

That particular bit of code could probably be set up to work better, and I’m unsure if it is even still needed, but until someone takes a better look at it I’m assuming it’s intended.

Edit: A test shows that fungaloids can still affect you with spores, the chance is just extremely low (same as it’s always been).

I think the issue is that fungaloid abilities are tuned for there being bajillions of them. Also thousands of monsters don’t slow the game much anymore, so it’s probably better to get rid of the special casing.

In fact fungaloids should probably be physically weaker than they already are, my conception of fighting them is that it’s like wading through marshmallows, they’re no threat at all, only 1/10 takes even cause any damage after all, you can just bash your way through them… wait, how’d my HP get so low…

Ahh well i must have had a batch of bad(good?) rolls then, it just seemed strange that I dint got the parasite after getting spore covered the first 15 times (the chance must be really low something like 5-7% right?)

Were you wearing protective mouth clothing? It infects through your mouth, so if you are wearing something over it then it might not be able to get in.

No I was just standing inside a room full of fungus constantly blocking tentacles with my insane skills (perhaps blocking the effect is possible?)

Still I thought I should ask because perhaps the renewed health system could have broken something

The “You’re covered with spores” message indicates the first stage if infection happened.
Once you get that message, you’re slowed, and have about a 50/50 chance (I think) of it proceeding to stage two within a few minutes. But if it does I don’t think there’s any notice for a while, odd symptoms start happening (rarely) for an hour, then you start throwing up frequently for about 5 hours, then it gets baaad.

No guys the progress between spores and fungal parasite is definitively broken I just stood a complete day next to a fungal wall being covered with tiny spores for the whole time and the infection never happened

The chance of it progressing isn’t 50/50, it’s currently 1 in 30, or 3.33%, which should probably be raised to a higher number.