[0.8-1685-gf48f63e] Odd rubble piles

This may or may not be some kind of late-game thing progressing so… Possible spoiler warning? Hence why I put it here instead of bug reports.

I’ve been avoiding cities for the most part and have had dynamic spawning on, and as I wander around I’m noticing odd piles of rubble, destroyed buildings, things in general I didn’t do and to my knowledge wasn’t close enough to previously for zeds to do damage to.

The piles of rubble are in seemingly random spots, and have no items inside, nor special monsters. Is this a future planned event or something?

It’s happened to me too. Random circle shaped piles of rubble. I found a bunch of 5s by it, and looked at it with x.

It said it was fire, but I was chased off by zeds and killed to investigate.

I think they’re asteroids.

No fire on mine, just LoS Blocking Rubble.


(Wishing I’d taken the time to replace “Aliens” with “Subspace Specimens” …gimmie a few minutes…)
EDIT: Fixed it.

My information may be outdated BUT

If your map shows a big red O, it’s a bombed-out building. If it’s not on the map it’s one of the special map tile features like a dead patrol or scientists. The special map tile versions occasionally contain artifacts, in which case the rubble can conceal some… interesting traps. If they are completely empty? I have no idea. Perhaps they just didn’t make it.

These have been around for a while, so you’re not crazy and they are supposed to be there. c: It’s possible code tweaking has made them more common or altered the chance of something special being in them.


Yeah, these might be the mini-craters. Highly radioactive. Iodine yourself if you do anything more than 2 tiles in 'em.

BUT they typically don’t block LoS. Screencap?

When you talk abvout your los … what was the time when you were looking at it ? I know that even bush can block los just before the night come.

Most likely minicraters, which appear at random everywhere, and aren’t marked on the map in any way. Odd that one was on fire though…

Well honestly, it wouldn’t be odd for entire parts of a city to be gutted by fire. Not very interesting, but it wouldn’t be odd at all.

Now we should spawn parts of the city already burned down. New mob, charred zombie. Charcoal should be plentiful here. :slight_smile: (mayhap someone more inventive then me can come up with a special zombie in the burnt part of town? :P)

Gonna travel back to the area later and get a screencap of the Pawnshop and odd rubble pile, it’s gonna take a bit.

It might also be a mapgen or map handling bug <_<
If it’s exactly 12x12 and square, it’s a map handling issue, if it’s at all irregular shaped it’s an intended map feature.

Sorry, had to run to the store and acquire soda.

I did not cause the damage to the Grocery Store, nor did zombies to my knowledge. The odd rubble spans two map tiles, hence why I found it odd. Line of Sight is blocked after about 2 to 4 tiles normally, used the map editor to show the area.

EDIT: My apologies for the horrible MS Paint screencap combos.

Looks like an expected minicrater, though I am also a bit surprised that it spans two map features, I think it actually drops an explosion on the terrain now instead of just turning it all to rubble, which is why the store is all smashed instead of just having rubble in it.

Looked like this:


It was a bit bigger and had more fire on the top left corner.

Oh! Fire!
You probably ran across a fire anomaly (pretty rare). There’s probaby an artifact in the rubble.
Have fun with that.


Well that’s what I meant by “enjoy” anyway.

*makes noises with his tongue