Rubble won't go away and jackhammer destroys half the building?!

Hi there, I’m trying to remove a wall tile with the jackhammer. So far… everytime I used the jackhammer on the wall, more than the wanted tile is destroyed and the whole area around is full of piles/mountains/heaps of rubble. This rubble, I can clear with a shovel, problem here is: The rubble is away for game mechanics, the # symbol won’t disappear anyway. Am I stuck with a room without a door then or is there a possibility to remove a wall-tile without damaging the whole building and is there a possibility to really remove the rubble?

Probably a bug, because the “Mountain of Rubble” was just introduced in the last update. I don’t believe there’s a workaround, so wait a bit, and if there’s not a forum solution, pop open ye olden Debug Menu and use the Map editor to introduce a tile that would be relevant to what would normally be there. Also, post this in the bug thread in that case.

It’s a problem with the “rubble” field (which is actually supposed to represent the smokeish cloud of dust caused by the collapse IIRC) isn’t decaying over time. Hopefully we’ll get around to fixing it before too much longer.

a year has passed and problem not solved…
does anybody know how to remove remains of rubble now?

Still not solved, though I can take a look at getting a fix up for it tonight.

For now your best bet is just to open up the debug menu map editor and set the field on those particular squares to 'fd_null", which should remove the rubble problem.

Please do. We’ll be forever thankful!

Still not solved, though I can take a look at getting a fix up for it tonight.
It will be great, this remains of rubble also hides all items in the same tile

There is a broom in the game, and it have no use now, maybe you can apply it for removing rubble remains, like mop for spills