Unable to clear rubble created by destroying buildings [0.A]

I destroyed part of a wall of a building and wanted to clear the rubble. I did so and it created some rocks, but the tiles are all still “#” and listed as “rubble pile” or “rubble heap.” Using “e” on the tile gives no options now. There doesn’t seem to be any way to clear it.

For now, rubble works that way, IRC. No way to help you, sadly.

That sucks, now the whole area just looks like “#” so I can’t see where walls are, etc.

Well, I guess I can just use the debug menu and edit it out.

It’s because those are rubble fields, as opposed to terrain. They are eventually supposed to decay, but nobody has gotten around to implementing it yet. If you open up the debug menu map editor you should be able to remove them.

Maybe it would decay if I waited long enough. Slime and blood are the same type of thing and they do decay properly if you stay in the same area long enough.

Yeah debug menu worked for me when I had this issue (drove my truck into my house, didn’t realise I was doing 150).

I don’t really understand the point of the feature though, and thus I do not see why decay is a solution. Roof caves in, crap everywhere, this I can understand. Clear it with a shovel, that is fine. But wait, there is another pile in the same space, and you can’t shovel it. But if you wait, it will gradually evaporate?!

Is this supposed to represent the ghost of the dead house?

Well, no need to be sarcastic. Is just a way of solving it code-easy.