[0.8-1685-gf48f63e] Batteries?

Can someone explain what the difference is? There seem to be Motorcycle, Car, Truck, Small Storage, and Storage batteries… Am I missing any? What makes them special? etc…

Their size determines how much electrical charges they could hold, and how much space they take up in a vehicle. Small storage batteries are the smallest types, followed by [Vehicle] batteries, and Storage Batteries are the largest.

The only advantages for small storage and [Vehicle] batteries are that they won’t take up too much space in a gas motor powered vehicle, which will now need an electrical energy source to power flashlights as well as an alternator too keep from sucking up too much power. They don’t hold too much power for electric engine powered vehicles short of a golf cart.

Alright, where can I get an Alternator (It’s not listed and I was under the impression this part generated electricity from the engine running for car electronics) and where can I find a “headlight” that’s brighter than my flashlight? I’ve got eight of them installed in my vehicle and as it stands it’s brighter if I turn on my flashlight in the front of the car.

There’s one the one kind of headlight for the moment, just install a bunch of them.
Gas engines all come with an alternator, it’s just a flag currently, might be split into a separate part later, e.g. you could hook up a bunch of alternators to one engine for ghett-tastic power generation.

This is what I get for not playing Cata for about two weeks.

Does using gas generate power to charge the battery now or do you still need solar panels?

would hybrid vehicles work, where the gas engine move the vehicle and charge the battery while the electric motor used the battery energy to move the vehicle. or would it just use double power?

Can you hook an alternator up to a bicycle and create a bicycle generator to power your welding rig and stuff?

Now that’s really cool. can’t wait for that kind of implementation. (for that matter, does “pedal motor” have the alternator flag?)

Gasoline engines do charge batteries as they’re running (there’s no idling though).
Hybrid isn’t going to work right now because it doesn’t generate enough electricity to run an electric motor (or it shouldn’t at least)
Bicycles don’t have an alternator, they could I guess, and it might be enough for a headlight probably.