0.7 Time system and Wristwatch

Now I’m all for the new system, it’s interesting and easy enough to work with.
But I am concerned that the wristwatch encumbers the arm.
I was wearing a trench coat with the wristwatch and my arm was encumbered by 3. Trench coat is only 1 so why would wearing a simple wristwatch add so much?
I assume it’s due to the layering system that wearing multiple items adds to it, but still it’s rather annoying.
Small concern with Trench coat being one word in the game but that’s irrelevant and unimportant.

That is a problem. There’s a workaround, which is to have the item not “cover” anything. Will patch that soon. In the meantime, you can actually make the change yourself in data/raw/items/armor.json
Look up watch, and just delete the whole line where it says something like: