[0.6] You can't butcher whilst driving. i know that

killed a stack of zeds as they crawled through a car to get to me. when i went to butcher the pile i got a message ‘you can’t butcher whilst driving’ which obviously i wasn’t.

haven’t tried all parts of the car (butchering seemed to work fine over wheels) - but the original stack of cadavers was over a ‘door’ tile of the car.

ive also noticed that thed game seems to think im driving if im on a car at all. its very annoying.

It is coded like so because if you aren’t in a vehicle whilst moving, you are going to take damage.

I believe that if you are standing on any part of a vehicle that can be considered a “inside” a vehicle (aisles, seats, etc), the game now considers you to be in the vehicle and applies all the restrictions on actions that you would get if you were driving.

Not just “inside.” This happens on motorcycles too.

Hrm, yea, we need to change some of the checks, before it was testing for in_vehicle(), but now it should check that you’re actually driving. I mean what use will NPC chauffers* be if you can’t cook meth in the back of the RV while they’re driving?

*Nobody is working on this, but it’d be awesome.

Of course, you can slow yourself down by trampling over car chassis’ wheel, but you can’t jump over some steel plating like you do when attempting to land some parkour on desks and chairs. I guess every abandoned wreck is from a eight-foot-tall SUV.

Butchering a zombie stuck under your car would be a right pain in the ass anyway.

Workaround: use advanced inventory (’/’) to move the zombie in question out from under the vehicle into a space from which you can butcher them. This method is also handy for fishing deer out of spiked pits, because you definitely don’t want to jump down there to get the body.